Join the Bagley Lab

Our lab welcomes applicants from any race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender identity, gender expression, caregiver and family commitments, political affiliation, sexual orientation, and eligible age or disability status. Furthermore, we are committed to maintaining a supportive and collaborative lab environment.

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We are always in the market for motivated and talented people, even if we do not have an open position currently advertised. We are interested in engaging with you in a conversation about your scientific background and goals for your future career (e.g. in academia, industry, or working for state wildlife and resource management agencies). We strive to provide excellent training across a wide range of organismal, computational, and experimentally oriented techniques. If you are interested in joining our please send your CV/Resume to Dr. Justin Bagley.

Graduate Students

At JSU, students can apply to our Biology Graduate Program, which leads to the Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Biology. Interested students may apply through JSU Graduate Studies rather than applying directly to labs or our Department. During the first year of our M.S. program, students choose a non-thesis or thesis track and may rotate through multiple labs before deciding on a graduate advisor. Our lab is usually open for rotation students and will generally have room for 1-2 new graduate students (regardless of program affiliation) per year.

Prospective students are encouraged to get in contact, as early as possible, with the PI (Bagley) and lab members about what kind of project they might want to shape and participate in. We consider project fit, student experience, and alignment with lab values and research / community goals. All interested students are given equal consideration but it is a good idea to discuss finalizing your application during Spring or Summer semesters, and to discuss lab or project choices during the Fall semester each year.

JSU Biology MS Program blurb (copied from website):

The Department of Biology offers a broad interdisciplinary graduate education in the biological sciences that leads to the Master of Science (M.S.) degree. The program is designed for those students that desire a broad-based curriculum with a diversity of course work.

The following information is a summary and guide designed for graduate biology majors. The Graduate Catalog includes official policies and procedures concerning such topics as admission, curriculum, and graduation.

Master of Science (Thesis track) Master of Science (Non-Thesis track)

Postdoctoral Fellows

Inquiries about Postdoctoral positions should be emailed directly to Dr. Justin Bagley. While postdoctoral fellows are not common, in general, at JSU, they are allowed and encouraged by our PI. We set our postdoctoral fellow compensation to national rates identified by data from the National Science Foundation when funding is available from the PI and we encourage candidates to explore applying for extramural fellowships (e.g. Fulbright Scholars program) to support their research.

Other Visitors

Our lab is new, but we would enthusiastically receive and expect to enjoy having foreign exchange students, interns, sabbatical visitors from academia and industry, and post-Bachelor’s research specialists in the lab. We are open to other arrangements as well. As we expect people to be fairly compensated for their work by their home institution or by us, we strive to avoid volunteer positions in the lab. Instead, wherever possible, the plan is for all students who work in the lab to be compensated by course credit (e.g. undergraduate independent study credit through BY 327) or financial stipends.